Thank you for giving me more than a workout for my soon-to-be slim and healthy body. And, you’ve truly helped me with my mental state. Body & Soul is the perfect name for your business! – Liz

We look forward to Tuesday night each week when we can work out as a couple. It is so convenient and motivating to have a weekly session together. Thanks! – S&J

At Body & Soul, the attention is private and discreet. Bruce, my trainer does all the thinking, and I pump the weights. It’s a new challenge each time as we continually refine and define to tone, strengthen and build muscle. Weightlifting saved me -- it has built my confidence which has helped me to battle stress. I can’t go without it, like I can’t go without chocolate! – JFW

Bruce, Where do I begin? You are one of those special people who have helped me through the darkest of my days. Your constant belief in me and constant encouragement has brightened my life.

There have been days when I entered the studio feeling like I just could not, and should not, go on. I have cried, been silent, cranky, happy, joyous, felt defeated, felt on top of the world, and I could go on and on. You always accepted me where I was on any given day. With you, I never had to be more than what I was at that given moment.

Thank you for teaching me how to accept myself for who I really am, not for how others want me to be.

You opened the world of fitness to me. Exercising and being active are now a part of my life. I may never be a size 2 and I am OK with that, but I have a genuine desire to stay active and become healthier. Thank you for that gift, and for blessing the lives of so many people. – Much love, K