Only been working out with B&S for 2 months and already feel great and can see changes.

- Yolanda

Joining BSPT shortly after Bruce opened I can highly recommend both Bruce and now David!! Run and join and get fit today.

- Steven

Love this place! These guys are so great and I love every session!♡

- Rodricka

I was extremely impressed after my assessment and first session. The facility is extremely clean and everyone seemed to have fun. You get much more than a workout for your money. I had a blast and left feeling extremely confident & sexy! Can’t wait until my next workout!

- Marylee

If you are looking for an intimate setting and one on one training…look no further! Stephen is awesome and Bruce is super kool. I have found my comfort zone here! I’m hooked!

- Erica

This boutique gym is the perfect place for private personal training. David is awesome! He provides personalized encouragement and positive feedback. Few laughs, good music and kick ass training. Good for the body and the soul!

- Debi

I love Body and Soul Fitness!!!! It’s in my neighborhood so it’s very convenient. It is just the right size to feel very comfortable. Not overwhelming like some gyms. I LOVE my trainer David Hatfield. Aside from pushing me to do my best and get the most put of my sessions he has also become a good friend. The owner, Bruce, has been a joy getting to know.

If you are looking for a training studio you can’t go wrong by checking out Body and Soul. They make me want to get up early to work out.!!

- Cheryl

I’ve been training with David for about a month and a half now and it’s been amazing. I’m not athletically inclined and wanted to make a healthy life change and I’ve been super impressed with my results so far, how I feel, and how motivated he’s helped me be. He goes above and beyond! Body & Soul is a wonderful gym and they genuinely care about their guests.

- Jessica

I have been with BSPT for almost 5 years now. My sessions started after the birth of my first child. Like many new moms I needed some personal time to focus on myself, get my body back into shape and lose about 20+LBS. Bruce made me feel comfortable trying exercises I NEVER would have done on my own. He pushed me to eat right, up my cardio and helped me sculpt muscles I thought were gone for good. The attention this staff gives to each client to personalize a routine specifically designed for them goes above and beyond ANY other place I’ve ever worked out. Since my first workout I have had 3 more children…BSPT was there to help me stay fit during those pregnancies and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight more quickly than I thought possible.
Let the goal setting begin! You will not be disappointed!

- Elizabeth

Had my first session today with David and I loved it. I really like the one on one workout and the facility. I felt completely comfortable and not like someone was there just to push me like I’ve experienced before from other people. I can’t wait to come back and get stronger.

- Amber